Welcome to Soft Embrace, Sleep Sacs for newborns.

We provide Sleep Sacs for children ages 0-3 months. Our Sleep Sacs are made with a cotton body with your choice of colour, and the sleeves are made of either cotton or flannel featuring your choice of our wide selection of designs.

Safe and Effective

Our sleep sacs are made with safety in mind

For ages 0-3 months. Fully customizable with several designs for cotton and flannel, and your choice of body color. Each Sleep Sac comes bundled with socks, booties, and mitts with secure snaps.


Here’s what Soft Embrace Sleep Sacs has to offer


Browse from a selection of body colors, and sleeve designs.


Our Sleep Sacs are made with safety in mind with included mitts, socks and booties.


With ample room for the feet, your child can move their feet freely and safely during the night.


Our Sleep Sacs are made with soft fabric of cotton and flannel.

Hand Crafted

Hand crafted and put together, you can be sure that your design is created to perfection.


Using quality cotton and flannel, we use soft materials, created carefully to ensure that high quality is met.


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